Overcoming Peripheral Neuropathy

Overcoming Peripheral Neuropathy

Helen C.

Wife of Transdermal Patient

In January 2018, my husband, Fred, was diagnosed with a rare blood disease called Light Chain Amyloidosis. His autonomic nervous system was damaged by this disease which created multiple medical issues, including peripheral neuropathy. 

He described symptoms of sharp shooting pain and numbness and tingling in both of his lower legs and feet.  His doctor prescribed Gabapentin and Duloxetine to help control the pain, but the pain continued. 

The doctor then suggested going up to higher doses, but my husband did not tolerate the increased side-effects of these oral medications. 

We knew we had to find an alternative and sought advice from Dr. Robert Arnot, who recommended use of a compounded pain cream from Transdermal Therapeutics.

This product, with its multiple therapeutic ingredients, seemed to provide additional needed relief; and my husband has continued to use it throughout the course of his illness.

Treatment for Fred’s Amyloidosis has included chemotherapy, followed by Stem Cell Transplant and Consolidation Chemo after the transplant.  These treatments have helped to manage some of the medical issues, but recovery from the neuropathy symptoms has been slow.

Fred continues to use oral meds, but with limitations, again related to adverse side-effects.  So, as stated before, Dr. Arnot’s recommendation to use Transdermal Therapeutics’ cream has been a needed addition to better manage his nerve pain.

We continue to be grateful to Dr. Arnot and all others involved in developing the Transdermal Therapeutics cream and hope others benefit from this product as well.

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Serving Our Military